10 Recent Wrestling Moments That Pissed Off Wrestlers

Backstage HEAT, frustrations over wrestling matches, and ridiculous double standards!

Max Logan

Wrestlers aren't exactly known for being the sort of folks to keep their opinions to themselves should they feel a little frustrated or annoyed over a certain situation.

And with 2022 chucking out more drama and controversial happenings than seemingly ever before, a worker legitimately not being all too happy about a particular moment in-between the ropes or development outside of it has become an increasingly regular occurrence in recent times.

Thankfully, in some of the cases taking up a spot on this list, the initial anger or bitterness felt towards everything from an unfortunate recent botch to another star's bizarre Twitter comments of late has seemingly just about evaporated already.

However, in other instances, it's safe to say that some of the following wrestlers still haven't quite gotten over certain outrageous returns or downright stupid criticisms sent their way by out-of-touch veterans.

Either way, from current WWE Champions also not being entirely pleased with the way a recently derided bout went down on a PLE, to some of the finest units in the business taking exception to their ranking on a certain list (no, not one of ours!), it's plain to see that this bunch of wrestlers from past and present were all rather brassed off recently.

10. Jungle Boy's HBK Tribute Pisses Off The Ass Boys

Max Logan

With the former Jurassic Express star opting to don Shawn Michaels-esque trunks at Full Gear 2022, similar to the gear The Showstopper wore at Badd Blood 1997, The Gunn Club's Austin and Colten soon took aim at the AEW Pillar.

The former Ass Boy would claim that Jungle Boy wanted to be a "Gunn so bad" on the back of posting a photo of the duo wearing their own version of HBK Badd-Blood-inspired gear before Perry.

And after Jack would clap back by saying he preferred "being booked on the pay-per-views", Colten would throw in the pointed dig of claiming if Billy Gunn's kids also changed with AEW's EVPs and stayed up late with Tony Khan then maybe they would get that sweet spot, too.

Maybe this was simply a set of heels taking aim at a popular babyface in a bid to generate interest in a potential throw-down. Or perhaps the Gunns genuinely are quite brassed off over Jungle Boy's decision to sports similar Showstopping tights and what they perceive as Jack cosying up to the most powerful figures in the company.

Judging from the fact Colten's tweet was ultimately deleted soon after, you'd be forgiven for assuming the latter.


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