10 Red Hot WWE Romances That Were Dropped Way Too Soon

Does anybody seriously remember The Big Show and Joy Giovanni's three-week fling?

Wrestling ssnd romance. The two very rarely seem to go together, don't they? There is a certain inevitability about on-screen wrestling couples. As good as everything may seem on the surface and as much as two superstars 'fit' together, you just know that they're heading for splitsville, sooner rather than later. Macho Man Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth? One of the best wrestling couples of all time yet they couldn't maintain their on-screen (or off-screen for that matter) relationship. Even if a wrestling couple manages to stick it out and they end up back together, like Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, there are usually at least one or two bumps in the road along the way. Sometimes on-screen wrestling couples don't even get the chance to experience those bumps in the road and reconciliation because they are ended before they can even really get started. WWE has in the past put two talents together and hinted or started a romance between them and then, several weeks later, the romance is over never to be referenced again. It can be pretty jarring. Some of these couples could have had the potential to maybe become the next Savage and Liz or Edge and Lita but they never really got the chance to develop. Fans might have reacted favourably but somebody in creative or an injury or something else behind the scenes means that it never happened.


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