10 Returning WWE Wrestlers Who Immediately Re-Injured Themselves

Who has the worst luck in wrestling when it comes to keeping fit and healthy?

"Wrestling is fake" is an argument that you will hear approximately three times a day once becoming a wrestling fan.

In actuality, the inverse is true. The danger that wrestlers put themselves in to perform their scripted spots is far greater than most professional athletes will experience and, as a result, injuries are a constant risk.

There are some wrestlers who never get injured, some who get injured very rarely, but there are some who just can't seem to catch a break.

For whatever reason, the following ten performers just can't stop getting hurt. What's worse is that their injuries came almost as soon as they'd recovered from a previous one.

Some of them managed to overcome their injury-prone ways and have successful runs after their spells on the shelf. However, for some, their injuries just kept piling up and they were forced to say goodbye for good.

But, because this is wrestling, at least two of them came back to the ring.

So grab yourself an ice pack and wish these boys and girls a speedy recovery, because we're taking a look at the returning wrestlers who just kept getting hurt.

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