10 Ridiculous Things You Learn Binge-Watching WCW's Worst Year Ever

9. There’s LOADS Of P*sstaking

Vince Russo Sting WCW Title

Something else special happened during the first half hour of the 3 January 2000 Nitro: DDP arrived at the building and outright wondered why WCW management had sent him a plane ticket if he wasn't needed for that night's flagship. After listening to 'Mean' Gene Okerlund hype a match vs. Buff Bagwell at Souled Out, Page said something else.

"Our travel department sucks".

This is just one example of many moments throughout the year in which WCW wrestlers told WCW fans that WCW sucked. In fact, Scott Steiner even said literally that on an episode mere months later. If this was a lighthearted joke at the travel team's expense, fair enough, but it wasn't going to shift tickets.

Page's focus throughout the promo was more on those booking plane seats than Bagwell! Looking back, it's almost a surprise that someone backstage didn't suggest having Tim from the travel department take DDP on in a 'Plane Tickets On A Pole' match at the January PPV.


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