10 Ridiculous Wrestling Gimmicks Which Are Actually TRUE

Jimmy Hart versions of themselves.

WWE/William Moody

Did you know professional wrestling is fake? It has been said, and continues to be said, mostly in the intros to national newspaper puff-pieces begrudgingly ground out by put-upon reporters on assignment, as if they are revealing some earth-shattering scoop.

OK, yes: we know: it's not all fake. The bumps are real, the risks are real, and perhaps crucially, the pathos - although technically artificial - is real. But for the most part, wrestling really is as phony as hot dog meat. And, when we were once expected to buy into characters as outlandish as voodoo practitioners, evil employees of the Inland Revenue Service (is there another kind?) and anything Ed Leslie was doing, more often than not it was more fun when we didn't know how said sausage 'meat' was made.

Sometimes though, the sausage is made from actual, er, sausage. Despite all logical assumptions to the contrary, a number of wrestling's most ridiculous characters are, unlike this lot, ground from 100% reality. Did you know, for example, that Brock Lesnar was really an MMA fighter? And that Bret Hart, who played the best professional wrestler of all time, was in fact the best professional wrestler of all time?

You probably did. But perhaps you didn't realise these silly gimmicks were actually nothing but.

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