10 Ridiculous Wrestling Gimmicks Which Are Actually TRUE

10. Thurman 'Sparky' Plugg

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Bob Holly was a barroom boxer tougher than mutton - you'd have to be to pull off that bleached-blonde look - so obviously, WWE's instinct, when the Smoky Mountain alum re-joined the company outside a jobbing capacity in 1994, was to put him in a race car and call him Thurman 'Sparky' Plugg.

When Holly received paperwork from Titan Towers bearing the above appellation, he was somewhat taken aback, presuming it to be some elaborate rib on the part of old friend Paul Bearer. Nope: Vince wanted Bob to buckle up, owing to the newcomer's past life driving cars competitively.

The surly Californian knew full well that nice guys called Sparky finish last, and unsurprisingly, he asked if he could at least change his name to something a little less terrible. It wasn't all bad though: McMahon gifted Holly with a customised car to go with the gig. Just a shame the idea didn't have much gas in its tank.

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