10 Rubbish WWE Singles Runs You Totally Don’t Remember

How many of these totally useless WWE solo stints do you remember? If any!

Bam Neely

You will remember almost every pro wrestler on this list. For some, you can probably even name a handful of killer matches that you recall quite fondly. Others, not so much, but everyone here has one thing in common: WWE booked them into oblivion with at least one horrific singles run.

Mercifully, many of them were short.

First, some housekeeping. Nobody's suggesting these folks were all sh*t workers - in some cases, that'd be preposterous. One was a staple of the company midcard pack during the 'Attitude Era', for example, and another was once heralded as a future World Champion over on the competition's core programming. They deserve respect for that, but...not for what happened next.

Repackage jobs or returns that come just a little too late are always gonna be risky. Similarly, releasing a faction's bodyguard or clearly-rough around the edges MMA fighter into the wild is practically grappling's very own recipe for disaster. What were WWE's braintrust thinking with some of this garbage?!

The fact anyone backstage thought this tripe was a smashing creative plan in the first place is honestly out of this world...

10. Planet Stasiak (2002)

Bam Neely

Almost literally, at least for Shawn Stasiak.

The one-time Meat (oh yes, that happened) and Kurt Angle fodder left for WCW in early 2000 and found modest success as a member of the upstart Natural Born Thrillers group. Then, Vince McMahon hoovered up the remnants of his competition when it folded, and Stasiak found himself back in the fed.

Seeking something new following some nondescript appearances as part of the Invasion story, Shawn was reimagined as Planet Stasiak in 2002. The general gist of this wacky gimmick was that Stasiak believed he was from outer space, and was guided by rhyming voices which screamed inside his own head.

It was as good as some quasi-modern update on Damien Demento was ever going to be, and Shawn eventually left WWE for good that September. The highlight of his stint as Planet? No less than 15 runs as Hardcore Champion that you definitely don't recall. They were over in a flash, put it that way.

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