10 Rubbish WWE Singles Runs You Totally Don’t Remember

9. Jackson Andrews (2010)

Bam Neely

WWE went through a phase of trying on various managers for ultra-talented in-ringer Tyson Kidd for a spell on 'C' level programming in 2011. Everyone from Michael Hayes and Vickie Guerrero to Matt Striker and Armando Estrada had a turn. They were all just pale imitations, man.

Jackson Andrews got their first.

What's that? You don't remember Mr. Andrews? Well, that might be because JA only turned up on telly a handful of times in late-2010 before being fired back down to developmental for more fine-tuning (he wasn't fully trained and was rushed to screens due to his physical size, basically) and then released in May 2011.

The whole experiment was a quite senseless waste of everyone's time. Kidd didn't need a heater like Andrews; Shawn Michaels enlisting Diesel this was not. WWE later slid Tyson back into the tag-team division before serious injuries ended his career.

Meanwhile, big Jackson retired from the biz immediately post-release.

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