10 Secret Conversations That Changed Wrestling History Forever

Nothing was ever the same again.

Vince McMahon WrestleMania

Take a second to imagine how different pro wrestling could be.

WWE sit atop the wealth mountain right now, but that might not be the case had certain decisions been made and others not been made. In some far off parallel universe, WCW might be wrestling's top dog, ECW could be second, or Vince McMahon might be polishing boots for Tony Khan during Jacksonville Jaguars practices.

OK, that might be stretching things a bit far, but the possibilities are pretty endless. All it took for McMahon to reign supreme were a series of conversations that helped re-shape the industry forever, and it sounds so simple when worded that way. That's also true for various other major figures, promotions and wrestlers inside the wrasslin' sphere - things could be so very different.

Details from these convos didn't come out until after they happened and actions had been taken. That's what makes this so compelling; imagine being the proverbial fly on the wall for some of these chats. Eyes would widen, jaws would drop, and you'd probably become the go-to guru for wrestling prediction articles forever more.

Forever. Now there's a word...

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