10 Secret Hidden Weaknesses Of Your Favourite Wrestlers

The ONLY way to beat Jon Moxley, Sting's soft spot, and what do John Cena & CM Punk have in common?

Jon Moxley Kenny Omega MJF

Professional wrestling is about obscuring things, which is one of the fundamental reasons why it draws thousands to stadiums instead of the localised tens that watch the amateur stuff.

From the average high school gym to the Olympic auditorium, competitive wrestling is about securing pins and submissions for points, all as caught by judges and the informed and invested audience. You see the skill, you reward the skill, you celebrate the skill. It’s sport, just not one of the more popular ones.

The stuff we spend all our time pontificating over only warrants such pontification because it’s a sporting form magic, but real. Real in that the bodies are actually hitting the canvas, but magic because you just can’t quite work out how every trick is performed. There’s a thrill to trying to spot the mastery, if you’re not completely lost in the story being told with it.

Non-fans genuinely don’t know what they’re missing. Hardcores literally don’t, because they’re probably trying to concentrate on six other things they love about it at the same time. Imagine not liking wrestling?!

Both in kayfabe and reality, wrestlers need to hide things. Worked injuries from their opponents, shoot ones from their doctors, insecurities from the worst types of wrestling promoters, and all the things that could theoretically bother and/or beat them.

Even your favourite ones…

10. Miro - His Massive Neck

Jon Moxley Kenny Omega MJF

A subversion of the visual and literal, Miro's broad shoulders disguised an awesome physical weakness that has been mined by several of his AEW rivals ever since.

After Darby Allin and Lee Johnson had spotted the flaw, then-TNT Champion Miro did everything to try and mask it but eventually - and brilliantly - it became the difference-maker in his run and entire AEW career.

Never was it exploited more effectively than when Fuego Del Sol came thisclose to taking the TNT Title in a minor Rampage classic centred around Del Sol's killer DDTs. A rattled Miro rallied for the win, but he'd been exposed once and for all as a 'Redeemer' with a less-than-redeeming quality. Succeeding where his best friend failed, Sammy Guevara exploited it to a natural end, dethroning an unstoppable monster to send him spiralling into his next existential chapter.

As he kicked off a feud with GOD, the 'Bulgarian Brute' asked his big man upstairs "Why did you give me a body of granite but a neck of sand?!", and never had such a callous take on oneself been so potent. The soft spot had become his undoing in the most public of settings - only by playing chicken with an omnipotent force could he prove himself worthy once again.


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