10 Shocking Revelations That Rocked WWE Storylines

10. Hornswoggle Revealed As Vince McMahon's Son

Hornswoggle Vince McMahon Triple H

That doesn't mean we don't still hate creative for shoe-horning Hornswoggle into the whole 'who is Mr. McMahon's son' drama. Originally, it was going to be Ken Kennedy who got the nod in 2007, but when he was suspended for violating the Wellness Policy, it was little Horny who bagged the role instead.

This is one shock that rocked WWE for the wrong reasons. Think of the worst WWE-style comedy you can and this will top it. Seeing Triple H crouch down, point at Hornswoggle and laugh at McMahon felt like a cheap payoff for one of the year's hottest angles, too. If only it had been Mr. Kennedy all along.

WWE's writers then quickly moved away from the story by unveiling Finlay as Hornswoggle's real father, but the damage had already been done. What should have been one of the promotion's biggest ever revelations turned into a hasty fix that did nothing for business long term.


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