10 Shocking Winners Of Wrestling Observer Awards

9. Sasha Banks vs Bayley - Worst Feud Of The Year 2018

Undertaker overrated

Sasha Banks and Bayley's 2018 feud was rubbish. After months of tension, nonsensical betrayals, and pointless counselling sessions, WWE just forgot about these two's hatred for one another, lumped them into a team, and gave them the women's tag belts. Months of build-up and anticipation for precisely nothing. Great.

What's even more shocking is that WWE have done this rivalry really well twice. The first came in NXT where Banks and Bayley where their battle in Brooklyn became the stuff of legend and helped inspire WWE to completely overhaul its presentation of female talent.

Then, during the pandemic, Bayley and Banks teamed up again as The Golden Role Models; an obnoxious heel act that held all the gold and helped carry WWE through its Thunderdome era.

Banks and Bayley make magic together when they're allowed to, but in 2018 they were on a creative leash so tight that fans turned on their former heroes quicker than you can say "Remember that Iron Woman match?". This award is a sad blemish on the otherwise pretty faultless careers of both women. Fingers crossed we never end up in this dark place ever again.

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