10 Shocks WWE Could Pull At Royal Rumble 2020

"It's time to shake things up around here"...

WWE Royal Rumble

The torturous slog through lazy late-2019 pay-per-view afterthoughts like Survivor Series, Crown Jewel and TLC is finally over, and wrestling fans can look forward to a good few months of excellence during the biggest thrill ride of the WWE year: WrestleMania season.

It's Rumble time first, baby.

Shocks are surely in store; the Royal Rumble has become known as a hotbed of last-minute pushes, surprise entrants and moments that set the tone for this joyous January-April sprint. 2020 will be no different, but exactly what will WWE do on 26 January to make the 33rd (feel old yet?) annual event feel special?

This article predicts turns, new champions, grandiose comebacks, surprise eliminations and even more shocking winners. It's not a haven for the predictable, nor is it the kind of list that shies away from the wonder of fantasy. Causing shocks, forcing stunned faces and "shaking things up" without the need of a mini-Draft to do it is the first order of business for WWE before 'Mania.

Forget what will probably happen. Here's everything outlandish that could happen in Houston...


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