10 Shortest Retirements In WWE History

Leave the memories alone....you're back? Okay, never mind.


Retirements in professional wrestling are fragile things. While they may seem natural for a sport that puts body and soul on the line on a nightly basis, many can't seem to give up the ring or, even sadder, have no choice but to carry on.

This isn't always the case. For superstars like Edge, Steve Austin - and until very recently - Shawn Michaels, retirement appears to have suited them well, making only the odd appearance but rarely getting physical, if at all.

But the call of the ring is all too tempting for some, with many carrying on well past their prime, or some coming back many years after their supposed final bout. In WWE however, retirement is a bit more fickle, with stars hanging up the boots but returning only a couple of years, months, sometimes even weeks later (usually for another company), making you wonder why they even bothered.

This list will look at the men and women who appeared to have legitimately retired from a WWE ring but returned to at least a part-time role a short time later. This discounts kayfabe retirements, so John Cena's week-long absence absolutely does not count.

These are men and women who have openly said they are done, but as history has obviously shown, they weren't...


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