10 Shortest Women's Championship Reigns In WWE History

From shining glory to staring at the lights in record time...


Charlotte Flair's historic 10th World Title reign was over before it could really begin, with most fans caught by surprise as she dropped the strap back to a newly-turned Bayley, just four days after winning it at Hell In A Cell.

The quick switch looks to be a catalyst to launch Bayley as a new top heel in the division. As bad as this has been for The Queen, it surprisingly isn't her shortest reign with a belt around her waist.

As well as heel turns, women in WWE over the years have had their reigns cut short for a multitude of reasons, from injuries and retirements, to Money In The Bank cash-ins or last-minute booking changes.

There have been many great reigns in women's wrestling history.

These, however, don't even come close, sitting at the other end of the spectrum as an unwanted footnote in anyone's career.

Just to clarify: these short spells with the straps are measured on WWE's metrics, so anything around tape delay or what others figures may be thrown out there won't be taken into account.


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