10 Sickening In-Ring Injuries You Won't Believe Stars Wrestled Through

Most of us would probably have an early finish after a broken neck...


Wrestling is a tough business. What other form of entertainment asks its performers to be bodyslammed, piledriven, and thrown through a table? Nothing, that's what! For the performers, there's no quit. They can't just give up mid-match if they're hurt; they have to keep going no matter how much blood they've lost or how much pain they're in.

Here, we take a look at those instances where despite enduring a terrible injury, the star carried on regardless. Horrifying injuries like Joey Mercury breaking his nose on a ladder shot to the face, and Bob Holly breaking his neck from a powerbomb won't be found here, since those incidents happened at the end of a match, or they were unable to continue. It takes an incredible amount of guts and fortitude to keep working through extreme pain. Some wrestlers are able to excel at this. They take pride in how much punishment they can take, and how they somehow end up finishing matches well past the point that it seems humanly possible.

This list is dedicated to the toughest wrestlers in the sport who just didn't know the meaning of quit.


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