10 Sickening In-Ring Injuries You Won't Believe Stars Wrestled Through

10. Bob Holly Gets Sliced Open

There's a good reason that Bob Holly changed his nickname from "Spark Plugg" to "Hardcore". He has competed in countless hardcore matches in his career, and even had his neck legitimately broken at the hands of Brock Lesnar, which kept him out of action for a year. No sane person would question his toughness.

When the WWE revived ECW as a weekly series, it was the perfect fit for Holly. He was used to hard-hitting matches, and he could be a valuable veteran for the young roster. During his run, he was involved in a series of matches with fellow "extreme" wrestler Rob Van Dam. To settle things, the two battled in an Extreme Rules match. It turned out to be one of the best matches in the show's history.

But for fans who watched it, though, most clearly remember it for Holly bleeding. Now, wrestlers have bled many times during matches. Usually, though, it's the result of blading. Holly did this the hard way. During a spot with Van Dam, he superplexed him to the outside of the ring through a table. Even though Van Dam had the higher fall, it was Holly who took the damage. He landed wrong, and some part of the table broke slicing him right open. As Tazz remarked, it must have been a "14 or 15" inch cut.

It was also deep, but Holly didn't sell the effects of it for a second - that is until the match was almost over. He continued brawling with Van Dam for nearly 10 more minutes, even as the blood continued to ooze down his back. He even took a suplex onto a steel chair, and you can only imagine how much that must have hurt. Near the end, Holly legitimately looked woozy from blood loss. As soon as the match ended, trainers were on him and covering up his wounds. As he was helped to the back, he received a standing ovation from the crowd, which helped lead to a babyface turn in the coming weeks. All in all, he required 24 stitches and gained a ton of respect.


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