10 Signs That WrestleMania 36 Could Be A Crushing Disappointment

Pointing at the red flag.


WrestleMania season is upon us, and the Road has taken quite the turn.

The path was clear, the view rather grand. WWE put Drew McIntyre over big at the Royal Rumble; he eliminated Brock Lesnar and then tore up the rest of the field in a killer, committed spot of booking: a convincing, super talent the WWE system has not failed, or dumbly persisted with in spite of failure, emerged as the next top babyface of the company.

Edge returned that same night in a moment only the word "magic" can accurately describe. He looked thrilled and humbled, and performed very well as a gritty, wily babyface in eliminating Randy Orton, before Orton re-injured his neck in a shocking, disturbing scene so well-performed that it was thought WWE had restored its old, brilliant storytelling mechanisms. The vehicle entered a whacky fork in the Road when Shayna Baszler became a vampire for a week, but no matter: the follow-up promo exchange was excellent, promising real violence instead of delivering cartoonish gore.

And then WWE took that vehicle, GTA-style, and killed several innocent bystanders masquerading as pro wrestling stars, flattening Ricochet, AJ Styles and the Fiend in a five star police chase with minus five star squash matches...


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