10 Spontaneous Wrestling Decisions That Became Famous

Steve Austin's improvisation created a mega-seller...

Ask a wrestling fan what their main problem is with WWE nowadays, and there's a decent chance they'll say it's too scripted. Today, almost every aspect of a character's act is perfected before they even step from behind the curtain. It wasn't always the case.

Once over spontaneity was encouraged. Promoters enjoyed seeing performers come up with their own ideas and gimmicks. In the WWE system of today, things are incredibly rigid. Scripts are reportedly handed out to those verbalising big promos on television and pay-per-view. To past generations of wrestlers, this is a horrifying trend.

Had things been so tightly controlled back in the days of yore, it's likely that a lot of wrestling's most famous moments may have slipped the net.

Some catchphrases or characters come from unlikely sources, and some have even been born out of sheer frustration. All of the entries on this list had a spontaneous feel to them, and the performers in question decided to roll with their ingenuity to see what could be achieved. In most cases, it was an awful lot.


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