10 Spontaneous Wrestling Decisions That Became Famous

10. Scott Hall's Entire 'Razor Ramon' Character

When Scott Hall met with Vince McMahon and Pat Patterson in the early-'90s to discuss his forthcoming WWF run, one of the chairman's big ideas for his new signing was to have Hall reportedly play a military character. The gimmick the wrestler ended up playing was remarkably different.

Likely horrified by what was being presented to him, Hall decided to pitch his own idea. Almost out of desperation, he told the WWF management team all about a movie he had seen called Scarface. The main character, Al Pacino's Tony Montana, was a fiery Latino figure. McMahon eventually liked the premise, despite apparently never having seen the film.

Still needing a name, Hall sought the advice of Tito Santana. He already had the 'Razor' part sewn up, but it was Santana who suggested it should be followed by 'Ramon'. The rest is history, but had Hall not thought quickly on his feet, who knows what his WWF guise could have ended up being?


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