10 Staples From Wrestling's Past WWE Must Bring Back

Tear open the cage door and rip up the script.

Undertaker Kane Unforgiven 1998

Did wrestling used to be better back in the fabled "day"?

The shrinking audience would suggest so. Even before the WWF and WCW waged the Monday Night War, territories like Texas' World Class Championship Wrestling could draw upwards of 30,000 paying customers for stadium shows in the mid-1980s. Nowadays, even the most vaunted Independent promotions routinely struggle for a tenth of that number.

Has the sports entertainment model, which readily rinses fixtures from wrestling's days of yore, failed?

Obviously, the lack of competition, too unrealistic to list here, is a major factor. But if the sports entertainment model has failed, would a magpie approach, in which slick 21st century production techniques are married with unfashionable - but still effective - heat-generating devices, go some way towards recovering wrestling's lost audience?

Much of this audience will return to the bosom of Vince McMahon during WrestleMania season, in which the stars of yesterday are celebrated, but perhaps the nostalgic appeal extends beyond prolonged Rock promos and surprise Steve Austin beatdowns...


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