10 Storyline Moments WWE Can’t Afford To Book

Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

There are some seriously good stories going on in WWE right now.

No, really. The family melodrama involving Roman Reigns and The Usos has been an unexpected winner, and there's mileage in Aalyah Mysterio defying her father's wishes because she can't resist breakaway 'Disciple' Murphy's emerging good nature. Both of those rank amongst the best this company has had to offer in 2020.

The beauty of them is that nobody could've guessed in January that Reigns would be a tyrannical heel, or that Rey Mysterio's son and daughter would be blossoming into fine additions to the roster. One sneaky downside to this is that it's hard to predict where WWE will go next - will they end these angles properly or panic and turn them into regrettable messes that get a quick 'LOL' on social media before everyone moves on?

There are so many stories and character arcs that currently sit delicately. One snap decision could ruin everything and see the hate tweets flooding in. Here's everything WWE should avoid for the rest of 2020 lest they want to spoil their own work.

Creatively, they can't afford to...

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