10 Storylines AEW Should Abandon RIGHT NOW

9. The House Of Black Vs The Varsity Blondes

Eddie Kingston Chris Jericho

Brody King's debut on the January 12th edition of Dynamite was electrifying if entirely disjointed in its presentation.

King arrived to save heel associate Malakai Black from a three-on-one assault from The Varsity Blondes and Penta. Black had, in defence of the bullying babyfaces, brought all of this on himself, but it was still quite an odd look seeing him rounded on by the supposed heroes before his monstrous new partners made the save.

With The Kings Of The Black Throne now fully established, Black's rivalry with Brian Pillman Jr and Griff Garrison should end immediately. They were already out of their depth and Julia Hart's still struggling with the effects of the toxic ghost juice or whatever the f*ck it is, and that's from when the inexperienced trio had the veneer of an advantage. For the House Of Black gimmick to get the best possible start, they need to crush the Blondes now, rather than interrupt each other's interviews for the next six weeks.


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