10 Strangest Articles That Ever Appeared In WWE Magazine

The crazy, curious and confusing articles published in the pages of WWE magazines.

Goldust Marlena

The WWF/E Magazine played a significant part in wrestling fandom ever since it hit shelves in 1983 with Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka executing a flawless leapfrog on the cover.

It circulated for over 20 years, with its final issue coming in 2014 with the recently broken up Shield front and centre on the cover with the caption ‘Who will be the next champion?’ (turns out all of them would win multiple World titles over the next several years).

The magazine largely dabbled in kayfabe, being used to promote angles and storylines on TV.

Then, in 1996, the WWF issued a second magazine titled ‘Raw’ focusing more on the behind the scenes facets of the business, with the real-life lives and stories of wrestlers becoming a more popular topic than ever before with the advent of fan sites and message boards online.

The magazines ceased production for budgetary reasons and due to an overall decline in print media, but the WWF/E Magazine still holds nostalgic memories for longtime fans, especially for some of the following weird and baffling wrestling articles that had fans scratching their heads in disbelief at what they were reading...


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