10 Strangest Ever WWE Royal Rumble Entrants

Did anyone outside of America actually know who Drew Carey was?

At the Royal Rumble, it's best to expect the unexpected; as 30 competitors head down the ramp gunning for the WrestleMania main event, it's not at all uncommon for a few entrants to come out of left field. It's part of the excitement of the event €” you never quite know who's next to make their entrance. This unpredictability, as well as the high stakes of the match itself, has allowed the Royal Rumble to maintain its position as one of the biggest events of the year for more than two decades. Behind WrestleMania, it's almost certainly the biggest show of the year, and that makes it all the more important that fans are given something special. That's why we see surprise entrants added to flesh out the thirty-man main event. Perhaps they've been long absent from WWE television €” or perhaps they're not a wrestler at all. What's important is that they're unusual in some way; and if there's one thing that WWE can do well, it's the unusual. Some of the most memorable Royal Rumble moment have come from a particularly strange or unexpected entrant into the match. The very nature of these competitors make it difficult to predict if we'll see similar strangeness at this year's event €” but, based on previous years, it really could be anybody coming down that ramp.
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