10 Strangest Ever WWE Royal Rumble Entrants

10. Haku - 2001

When Haku made his return to WWE in 2001, it came as something as a surprise. Known for his run as 'King Haku' as well as his days teaming with Andre the Giant as 'The Colossal Connection', the big man was no stranger to longtime WWE fans thanks to his exploits in the late 80s and early 90s. However, Haku had been performing in WCW for the past several years as Meng, making him something of a surprise entry into the Rumble. Just one week prior, he'd won the WCW Hardcore Championship at WCW's Sin pay-per-view, and was the reigning champion as of January 21 when the Rumble took place. The title was deactivated upon his move to WWE, and later officially handed over to the company following their buyout of WCW later in the year. As a result, Haku holds an interesting distinction in Rumble history; he's the only wrestler to lose a title simply by entering into the match.
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