10 Strangest Wrestling Gimmick Matches

Electric chairs, shark tanks, 18-wheel trucks, this wrestling?

Gimmick matches have been around almost as long as modern professional wrestling itself. When a feud reaches new heights or needs a spark to continue as a drawing card, a gimmick match is just what the doctor ordered. More often than not they are used to enhance a feud and add a little sizzle to the steak. But what about the gimmick matches that made fans shake their heads instead of reach for their wallets? Imagine what those booking meetings sounded like: "Listen guys, we're going to have you fight in a cage surrounded by dogs! The audience will be worried about your throats getting ripped's gonna be great!". "OK ladies, instead of a bra and panties match, we're going to have a match where you strip each other LITERALLY naked! All of the guys will be going crazy...they're gonna love it!". "OK boys, this is the best idea I've ever had. This match cannot end until one of you guys shoves a firecracker up the other guy's rectum and blows it up! The audience will go crazy!". By the way, I wish I had made that last one up... From promising naked women to putting guys in electric chairs to, yes, blowing up another man's anus, there have been some pro wrestling gimmick matches which seem positively insane. So let's take a look at some of weirdest, wildest, strangest gimmick matches in wrestling history while we all wonder what the hell they were thinking and/or smoking...


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