10 Strangest Wrestling Gimmick Matches

10. King Of The Road Match

At the 1995 edition of WCW Uncensored, second generation wrestler Dustin Rhodes took on the Blacktop Bully (Barry Darsow) in the first-ever King of the Road match. Uncensored was WCW's attempt to cash-in on the ECW-inspired hardcore craze with WCW, in their infinite wisdom, deciding that meant fans wanted to see two guys fight in the back of a truck. The "match" consisted of Dustin and the Bully battling among hay bales while the truck drove slowly down the roads of Tupelo, Mississippi. The truck had several cameras mounted on in the back, as well as a helicopter following the action, like it was the OJ Simpson chase or something. The winner would be the first one to fight their way to the front of the truck and blow a horn to earn the victory. Yes kids, someone was actually paid to come up with this. nonsense. The match was clearly taped before the event, which was fine, but the editing appeared to be done by drunken monkeys. The background of the match switched from day to night and then back again while Dustin's shirt was ripped off but then reappeared later in the bout. The announcers even had to put over the match as "dangerous" whenever the truck made a turn. FOR GOODNESS SAKE, CAN SOMEBODY GET THESE GUYS A SEATBELT?!? As an aside, Dustin bladed during the match (because hay is really sharp, I guess?), earning himself a pink slip from WCW and sending him to the WWF, where he'd reinvent himself as Goldust.

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