10 Strongest Wrestlers In WWE Right Now

These are the strongest men and women currently on WWE's roster in 2022.

Bobby Lashley

There was a time when a pro wrestler's worth was measured in muscles.

Vince McMahon's burning desire to present his roster as larger-than-life action figures meant that muscular definition and bulging biceps became the norm in the late-1980s. It wasn't uncommon to look down the then-WWF's ranks to see lowly jobbers who still had bodies most folks would kill for.

Times have changed, obviously. There's never been less emphasis put on physiques at the top level. Of course, some will argue that WWE (in particular) still likes their workers to look a certain way - that's true of some fans as well, but nobody expects everyone to be The Ultimate Warrior or Hulk Hogan to get a look-in these days.

WWE's locker room is crammed with strength though. These are the men and women who rank amongst the elite in that category, because they've consistently shown a wicked combination of mental and physical power that sets them apart from everybody else.

Will you agree with the entire line up? No, probably not. Everyone will have their own choices, but this list tried to be as objective as possible.

10. Becky Lynch

Bobby Lashley
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...and yet, it's going to start with a slight surprise.

Some will read this and think, 'Why is Becky Lynch first up?!'. Truthfully, Becks is here because of the amazing combo of mental and physical strength she's shown over the past few years. The reigning Raw Women's Champ disappeared shortly after WrestleMania 36 to begin her journey into motherhood, but you'd never know it.

Looking at Lynch, nobody could tell that she'd even had children. She's walking inspiration for every mother out there who hopes to bring beauty into the world without sacrificing their own bodies in the process. Becky looks unbelievable, and that's a testament to how hard she's worked.

Don't let her smaller stature fool you - this woman is strong as f*ck. Lynch is in the best shape of her career post-pregnancy. Surely everyone can agree that she deserves serious praise, and a spot on this list, for that alone.


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