10 Strongest Wrestlers In WWE Right Now

9. Omos

Bobby Lashley

Now onto brute-ish power.

The way Omos hurls grown men around is downright scary. WWE's new resident giant will never be a technical phenom between the ropes, but one can understand why Vinnie Mac is so keen on presenting such freakish strength to the world even if that's his only selling point.

Omos isn't chucking small dudes around either. Check out the pic above to see him toss Riddle (who weighs approx 220lbs) around like a half-full bag of laundry. Explosive muscle put Omos on this list; he's scary strong at times, and barely seems to break a sweat when tossing large humans around WWE rings with ease.

Who knows what the future holds for the guy McMahon hopes turns into a new Big Show or Andre The Giant? One thing's for sure though: Omos has the physical, God-given gifts to wow even the most jaded of crowds up close with his power.


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