10 Stupidest Decisions By WWE In 2005

Another year, another host of idiotic calls from the standard-bearers of the pro-wrestling world.

Look at the above picture. It shows Muhammad Hassan and Stone Cold Steve Austin facing off with one another. Hassan was a red-hot heel with a controversial gimmick, a rookie very much on the rise, while Austin was WWE's biggest ever star and still incredibly damn over with the fan base. It was a big moment that WWE booked to go down live on Raw. Before the year was out, both men would be gone for the company. What led to their departures, you ask? Just yet more stupid decisions courtesy of everyone's favourite sports entertainment monolith. The fact that WWE could let a potential future World champion and a sure-fire Hall of Famer leave within the space of six months just demonstrates how erratic the company was in 2005 and highlights but a couple of seriously stupid decisions. Sure, WWE got a lot right that year - the meteoric rise of Batista, the concurrent rise of John Cena, the introduction of the Juniors Division (okay, so maybe not that one). But for every home run, WWE seemed to strike out at least twice. Erratic booking, public displays of spite, counter-productive talent burials - yup, WWE had a lot to answer for in 2005. So, where did they go so wrong? Observe...


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