10 Stupidest WWE Firings Ever

So Lita cheated on Matt Hardy with Edge while he was injured but Matt's the one that got fired?

Getting a job with World Wrestling Entertainment isn't easy. It's the biggest wrestling promotion in the world and the one place where most wrestlers want to work. Some great wrestlers take ten years or more to even get a foot in the door, so once they finally arrive they are sure to work hard in order to make a lasting impression. While WWE have an incredible roster of full of talented performers, they also make some mistakes in terms of releasing talented superstars and divas for reasons that are confusing to both performers and fans. Like any major company, it seems as though there are different rules for different people in WWE. If a top guy were to do some of the minor things that led to releases then there's no way they'd be gone. However, midcard wrestlers or people that are barely on the roster need to make sure they never make a mistake or they run the risk of losing their job. There have been some really stupid releases in WWE's history, many of which have happened in the last few years. WWE must have realized they made a mistake because they brought those same people back pretty soon after letting them go. That's all well and good, but it doesn't take away just how ridiculous their firings were in the first place.
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