10 Stupidest WWE Main Events

When Bryan vs. Punk is on the card, putting John Laurinaitis on last is infuriating...

Planning the layout of a pro wrestling card can't always be the easiest of tasks. Nowadays in WWE, it's not just Vince McMahon who books the show - Vince still has final say, but there's a whole committee of creative team members laying things out. It's therefore perhaps more understandable why there are head-scratching main events choices from time to time. The more cooks, the more spoiled the broth, right? Over the years, World Wrestling Entertainment have worked hard to put emphasis on the WWE Title. Thus, even if it hasn't always been the best choice, the main title bout has often went on last, regardless of subsequent match quality. That's somewhat forgivable, although it can be a little blind to the idea of closing the show with a bang. The problem is, not every match featured on this list was for the WWE Title. This article focuses on those matches that were poor, and frankly stupid, choices to end a big WWF/WWE Pay-Per-View. There's a myriad of reasons why they were picked ahead of others - which will be explored - but comprehension is also given to exactly why they were not the best decision for the show itself. Poor wrestlers, baffling card layouts and more permeate the 10 most stupid WWE main events ever.

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