10 Superstars Failed By The WWE System

For when the glass ceiling is bulletproof.

Curtis Axel Paul Heyman

When Bray Wyatt finally ascended to WWE's promised land with his Elimination Chamber victory, it wasn't just joy many of his supporters felt, it was marked relief.

Because as successful as WWE can be at churning out the wrestling industry's biggest stars, all too often the sprawling organisation neglects a potential talent to such a degree that virtually no rescue mission can salvage the remains.

Even in the 'New Era', where Triple H's NXT system routinely churns out ready-made superstars fresh onto the main roster, there are still casualties. And unjust talent failures within Vince McMahon's empire even date back further than the mid-2000s, where an entire generation was lost to poor talent development and integration.

A wasteland of potential superstars have been left in the aftermath of these failings, with WWE systematically letting down performers who may have had the the aura of a World Champion, developed a unique character, been excellent in the ring, on the microphone, or even a combination of all the above.

With a diverse collection stemming from the never-was to the near-miss, here are 10 Superstars Failed By The WWE System.

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