10 Superstars WCW Completely Wasted

Just how many Hall of Famers did WCW overlook?


WCW may have ceased to be over eighteen years ago now, but its memory and legacy remains. Thanks in large part to things like WWE-produced retrospectives and the WWE Network, the Atlanta, Georgia-based organisation is alive and well in the minds of wrestling fans all over the world.

Hell, just this past week the WWE Network completed their dump of Nitro episodes and you can now access every episode of WCW's Monday night show - some 288 in total - for the modest cost of 9.99 a month. On Nitro (and WCW pay-per-views, of which they are all there) you will see talented cruiserweights flying high, genuine megastars hamming it up and desperately trying to remain young and, regrettably, many talented performers not being used to the best of their ability.

WCW (quite rightly) get their due for launching the career of Goldberg, revitalising the industry with the red-hot New World Order angle and completely changing Sting's identity but, for all the good the group did, they also did a lot of harm to a lot of guys. Often WCW had a talented performer who was pure box-office or could make a difference but they were left to rot or else fade into obscurity.

Yes, Billionaire Ted's baby has a checkered history when it comes to using talents to the best of their abilities, something ably demonstrated by these 10 stars who were, unfortunately, completely wasted.

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