10 Superstars Who Will Leave WWE In 2017

Please don't go! Well...most of you.

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If you’re looking for job security, WWE is probably not the best place to work for. Most of the men and women who have been employed by the company since its inception only lasted for a few years, and only a select few wrestlers ever reached a decade of service. That’s just the nature of the business.

And now with WWE hiring a ton of independent wrestlers, that means wrestlers on the main roster could soon get cycled in-and-out quicker than ever. There’s a full developmental system already in place filled with talent who know how to work the WWE style, which means when someone grows too stale, there’s a replacement waiting in the wings. It’s hard to justify keeping an aging veteran around when someone else can be brought in for half the price.

However, 2016 was a pretty quiet one in terms of departing talent. Hornswoggle, Santino, Zeb Colter, Damien Sandow and a few others were let go in March, but give or take an Alberto Del Rio and Cody Rhodes, it's been smooth sailing since then. Chalk that up to the brand split, as the company needed to fill up both Raw and SmackDown with known names, but now that things are starting to stabilize, there’s a few wrestlers who may not be long for this company.

From some potentially overpriced legends, to wrestlers simply fed up, here are 10 superstars who will leave WWE in 2017.

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