10 Surprising Reasons Movie Scenes Were Ruined

The Rock's WWE schedule was responsible for THAT CGI abomination.

The Mummy Returns The Rock

Making even a terrible movie is super, super difficult, so it's little surprise that most movies end up fumbling the ball somewhere along the line, even if only for a single unsatisfying scene.

The sheer number of factors than can derail even the most simple sequence are inestimable: an off-their-game actor, a distracted director, or unexpected technical issues on-set which result in major headaches during post-production.

These 10 movie scenes are all not great, if we're being kind, each being called out as major off-note moments in movies that range from Oscar-winning to Razzie-baiting.

Each of these scenes was undone by something that distracted the audience from whatever the filmmaker was trying to accomplish - inconsistent continuity, bad CGI, crappy dubbing, bad acting, and so on.

And while it's easy for us as backseat observers to simply dunk on the entire production for being "lazy," in each case there's actually an unexpected reason for the issue.

Unforeseen complications inevitably arise during filming, talented people occasionally drop the ball, and the moment is immortalised on-screen forever more. But before you laugh at these dud moments, take note that most of them fell flat due to majorly extenuating circumstances...

10. Orlando Bloom "Forgot" To Wear His Coloured Contact Lenses - The Lord Of The Rings

The Mummy Returns The Rock
New Line Cinema

The Lord of the Rings trilogy is a monumental achievement beyond compare, but it was only inevitable that such a gargantuan, ambitious production with so many moving parts would let some mistakes slip through the cracks.

Most of these gaffes weren't noticed by the overwhelming majority of viewers, though many fans did point out the distracting inconsistency of Legolas' (Orlando Bloom) eye colour throughout the films.

Between movies and even between individual scenes featuring Legolas, his eye colour has a tendency to change from bright blue to his natural brown.

According to Peter Jackson, this was due to Bloom struggling to wear the coloured contact lenses during the shoot and outright "forgetting" to put them in for some scenes, hence the colour shift, which Jackson evidently didn't notice until it was too late.

For Bloom's role in the latter two Hobbit films, then, Jackson decided to colour Legolas' eyes digitally, and though they remain consistent across the Hobbit films as a result, many felt the bright blue tint of his eyes was garish and inconsistent with the colouring in the Rings trilogy.


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