10 Surprising Reasons Movie Scenes Were Ruined

9. The Movie Was Filmed With Multiple Michael Myers Masks - Halloween H20

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As Halloween movies go, H20 is pretty good, and certainly in the upper-half of the series' entries to date. But it also features one of the most hideous and offputting shots in the entire franchise, with the revolting inclusion of a CGI Michael Myers mask.

When Michael (Chris Durand) kills Charlie Deveraux (Adam Hann-Byrd), it's plainly obvious in high-definition versions of the film that Michael's mask is a digital creation - the lighting and shape of the mask just looks totally off.

This wasn't the result of an unexpected technical issue on set but that the production simply hadn't yet decided what Myers' mask was going to look like in the movie, even though shooting was evidently well underway.

Because director Steve Miner hadn't settled on a mask design yet, three practical masks were used throughout production, with the different masks noticeable throughout the movie in specific scenes.

For the scene with the CGI mask, Michael Myers actor Chris Durand was wearing one of the eventually discarded masks, and so with the scene requiring close-ups of Michael's face and the crew apparently being unable to reshoot it, a VFX mask was superimposed over the top instead.

It's baffling to consider that it was less hassle to go the VFX route - especially in 1998 - than spend an afternoon reshooting the offending shots, especially as this gaffe has only become more repulsive and inexplicable over time.

What's more, with Halloween H20 getting a 4K release later this year, we can soon relive the horror in a higher resolution than ever before.


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