10 Tallest Wrestlers Ever (And How Giant They Really Were)

Wrestling is no stranger to the art of embellishment but there's no denying these guys were larger than life.


Some of the biggest superstars of all time have been exactly that: big. For a number of decades the world of professional wrestling has been littered with these larger than life characters (no pun intended), from the super-heavyweights to the towering giants. But who is top of this mountain of mountain-of-men?

It's worth remembering that the world of wrestling is no stranger to the art of embellishment. It€'s common practice for promoters to exaggerate in the hope of drawing more fans through the door, and thus truth is not always presented to us. With this in mind, this article takes a look at the ten tallest wrestlers of all time and hopes to separate the facts from the fiction.


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