10 Tallest Wrestlers Ever (And How Giant They Really Were)

10. The Big Show - 7'0''


The first name on this list is a man that many may have thought would rank far higher. One of the few giants still active today (just about), Big Show is billed at a whopping 7€'0"€. That might sound impressive, but he€'s even been listed slightly taller than that before. During his earlier days in the WWE he was regularly announced as 7€'2€", though this was likely to add credence to Kane€'s 7'0" billing.

Back in WCW as The Giant he was introduced at 7€'4"€. These days, many internet forums are awash with claims that a rounded seven feet is still something of an exaggeration. But much like his fluctuating weight, there€'s potential for his height to have changed by an inch or two over the course of his long career. During his recent years it may seem somewhat generous, but I think it€'s fair to say that at some point in his career, Big Show has measured in at 7€'0"€. That€'s enough to earn him a spot in our top 10.


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