10 Teams Who Could Dethrone The Usos As WWE Tag Team Champions

History has been made, but who is ready to step up and dethrone 'The Ones'?


The Usos are the longest reigning WWE Tag Team Champions of all time.

After successfully retaining against the former record holders, The New Day, earlier this month on SmackDown, The Bloodline members have secured their place in the record books. It's a hell of an achievement and a deserved one for the fine work the duo have done over the past few years. They have become an integral part of the best story currently happening in wrestling and, be honest, when was the last time they had a bad match?

It will only heap fire on the long-term discussion around the best tag team in wrestling, and whilst they might not be the best, they are certainly in the discussion. But now, with the record set, attention should turn to who should dethrone Jimmy and Jey and take their precious gold away from them.

Whoever gets the honour will no doubt be greeted with one of the biggest reactions in a WWE tag team match in decades, which is no mean feat considering the disdain that the division has been treated with over the years.

Although it might feel like their dominance of the division has killed any form of competition, there are actually a surprising number of candidates. Some, perhaps, a little more outlandish than others, but any name on this list has a legitimate claim to being the ones to defeat 'The Ones'.

10. The Young Bucks


Yes, this a very unlikely scenario, which is why The Young Bucks are last on this list. But up until a few weeks ago, it wasn't completely out of the picture.

Last week's AEW Dynamite confirmed the return of The Elite ahead of their Trios Titles war with Death Triangle at Full Gear. It's been months since the crazy post-show shenanigans of All Out, and the AEW EVP's hadn't been seen since that infamous backstage altercation with CM Punk and Ace Steel.

It's no secret that Triple H is a fan, having tried to recruit Matt and Nick before, and with their relationship with Tony Khan probably at it's most fragile, is it beyond the realms of possibility that they maybe shot a passing glance at WWE? Whilst not perfect, it's certainly a better place under The Game's watch than Vince McMahon's.

One of the few legitimate dream matches in wrestling nowadays is The Young Bucks vs The Usos, and if they were to follow Cody's lead, then surely a run at the champs would be the minimum they would expect. A long shot, especially if they waited for their contracts to expire in 2024, meaning another year of Usos dominance.

But we can dream, right?

The Young Bucks vs The Usos? Yes, please.

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