10 Teams Who Could Dethrone The Usos As WWE Tag Team Champions

9. The Street Profits


Yes, we have been round the block before, but beyond The New Day, you'd have to point to Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins as the Usos' greatest rivals.

There is no denying the connection the duo have with the crowd, and although they teased a split earlier this year when they failed to beat The Usos for the belts in a series of fabulous matches, Triple H certainly sees more juice left in the Profits' tank.

Both Ford and Dawkins have shown incredible potential, especially Tez, to become main event concerns in the future, but their legacy is nowhere near cemented as a tag team yet. What better way for them to do that, than to regroup, come back firing, and finally leap over that final hurdle and beat The Usos?

You only need to look at AEW for the blueprint, where they effectively made Darby Allin a superstar with his quest to finally beat Cody Rhodes. When he eventually did, and won the TNT Championship, the fans went wild.

Doing a similar thing with The Street Profits wouldn't just reheat them after coming up short so often, but it would legitimise them as one of the best tandems not just in current WWE, but for the past decade or so.

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