10 Terrifying Transformations Caused By Wrestling

9. Dynamite Kid

Kurt Angle
David Sinnott

The late, great and fundamentally very flawed Dynamite Kid never claimed to be the best role model for the likes of Chris Benoit and others that followed in his footsteps, but the quality of his work does still seemingly have the power to divert attention from the damage it did.

Kid's life ended mostly poor, mostly excommunicated, and mostly alone thanks to the physical, mental and emotional wear and tear life as a wrestler had on his already-fragile frame.

Muscular to the point of feeling indestructible because he looked it, Dynamite drew the attention of the watching world by performing feats of jaw-dropping skill because he was brave, naive and medicated enough to do.

This all eventually caught up with him, and his 1996 retirement saw him forced out of ever making a return. He was soon to find himself permanently in a wheelchair, simply existing in a relatively skint retirement instead of potentially enjoying one with at least a few of the fruits of his labour.

Man-behind-the-movement Tom Billington was too cruel in his youth to enter old age with a raft of friends and acquaintances, but he should at least have been together enough to survive it beyond his 60th birthday.

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