10 Terrifying Wrestling Bumps You've Totally Forgotten

Scary situations and in-ring horrors that DIDN'T linger long in the memory.

Jeff Jarrett X-Pac

The latest in a long line of discourse disagreements within the wrestling community occurred recently when Darby Allin and Jeff Hardy battered the sh*t out of each other in an enormously physical Dynamite main event.

The two are no strangers to ultra-dangerous risks, and have built their brands as much off what they've been willing to do to their bodies in big moments over the years as anything else they're capable of bell-to-bell. This is a little bit of a shame - Allin's AEW history alone features as many certified bangers as certifiably insane bumps, and Hardy's 2006-2009 run went a little under-appreciated due to some of the personal and professional missteps he made in TNA shortly afterwards.

Ultimately though, it's bumps that'll always be the takeaway with these two, exactly as it was in their Owen Hart quarter final match. Jeff Hardy went careering off a ladder through the former TNT Champion and a table was that contest's biggest talking point, but the mere fact that it generated so much discussion ensured that it didn't stand a chance of being forgotten. Not for a while anyway.


10. Johnny Gargano Takes One On The Ridge Of The Neck

Jeff Jarrett X-Pac

Forgotten as much because hardly anybody was watching NXT at this point let alone stopping to remember what they've seen, Johnny Gargano narrowly escaping injury during a 2020 battle with newcomer Ridge Holland when the pair under-rotated on a snap powerslam.

Very much the sort of spot that defines the everyday risks of the industry more so than ones exhibiting obvious danger, the move was one 'Johnny Wrestling' would have taken plenty of times, even if Holland hadn't been an expert in delivering it. The lack of torque on the move resulted in Gargano spiking the canvas with his head as if he'd just been hit with a piledriver, and the tenured star noticeably retreated to the corner at the earliest point to get to grips with what had just occurred.

Thankfully, he escaped without serious injury, though the (edited) match was temporarily paused for him to get checked out by doctors as well as NXT officials Triple H and Shawn Michaels.


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