10 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About WWE's Attitude Era

9. Attitude Had Stronger Stables

Attitude is often held up as a golden period for wrestling stables, and on a surface level, it's easy to see why. D-Generation X are one of the most memorable groups in the sport's history, and hugely important contributors to the era's loud, abrasive style. The Corporation, meanwhile, were the ultimate authority stable, and The Ministry of Darkness, for all their flaws, remain cult favourites among Attitude's eulogisers.

The more you look at it, the more the argument falls apart. Any positive traits the Corporation and Ministry carried were washed away by the horrendous Higher Power angle, and DX often strayed into irredeemably childish territory. WWE's brief 'Gang Wars' era spawned horrendous groups like Los Boricuas and The Truth Commission. The Oddities are rightly considered among the worst stables the sport has ever seen. The Mean Street Posse? Kai En Tai? X-Factor? Forget about it.

DX's reputation is deserved, and while none of today's meek groups will ever rival their significance, Attitude never produced a group as exciting as The Shield, as fun as The New Day, or a heel unit as tight as Evolution. Arguments for the Union, Brood, and Right to Censor will not be entertained.


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