10 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About WWE's Attitude Era

10. Championships Meant Much More


There's a lot to be said for the shameful way WWE have treated their championships over recent years (particularly their supposed 'top prize,' the WWE Title, which has now sat on a career-long enhancement talent's shoulder for five months), but holding the Attitude Era up as a bastion of prestige is disingenuous.

The period's title reigns rarely surpassed two months, and countless pay-per-view main events were sullied by interference and other shenanigans. Yes, we got stars like The Rock and Steve Austin at the top, but the former's longest reign lasted just 119 days, and the latter's lengthiest came during his awful post-WrestleMania X-7 heel period. The belt was hot-potato'd like crazy, too, with sub 30-day reigns commonplace, and let's not forget Vince McMahon's title win either.

Things were even worse on the midcard. The Tag Team Titles became hot at the turn of the century, when duos like the Hardys, Edge & Christian, and Dudley Boyz were running wild, but had little worth prior to that. The European Championship became worthless the moment X-Pac and Shane McMahon got their grubby paws on it. The Hardcore Title? Please...

Perhaps the prizes were put on a higher pedestal than they are today, but let's not pretend Attitude's belts weren't booked like knickknacks.


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