10 Things Surprisingly Shorter Than WWE WrestleMania 33

Want to know what else could be done with seven hours of your time?

WrestleMania 33 was notable for many reasons; some positives such as John Cena proposing to Nikki Bella, the Hardy Boyz' thunderous return to WWE, and possibly the final matches of Goldberg and The Undertaker. But it also had its down points. Perhaps the one negative talked about - when the show was finally over - was its monstrous length.

Seven hours!

If you count from the start of the two hour pre-show 'til the end of the five hour-long main show, you arrive at a seven hour-long WrestleMania. Whether this year’s WrestleMania really was the biggest wrestling show ever is something to debate. However ,what you can not debate, is that it was definitely the longest WrestleMania.

Since the WWE is outputting all of its pay-per-view content on its own Network, there’s now no reason future WrestleMania’s won’t be even longer. And they almost certainly will.

Regardless of quality, watching a single wrestling show for seven hours can make you think: how else could I be better spending this time?

What else can possibly be done in less than seven hours?

Why does it have to be seven hours?


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