10 Things That Happened AFTER Wrestling Matches That WWE Won’t Tell You

WWE Wants You To Forget (And Never Find Out) About These Post-Match The Shenanigans.

The Undertaker Vince McMahon

What happens after most wrestling matches?

Workers (rather sweatily) make their way back behind the curtain, shake hands, talk over some things that happened in the ring, shower, get dressed and then leave for the next town or maybe a hotel room. That's probably the case 99.9% of the time, but what about the remaining 0.01%? Things are a little less straightforward or boring then.

Sometimes, weird sh*t goes down that'd blow your mind, and WWE don't want anyone to know about it. They'd rather these instances were kept on the down low, especially when backstage fights threaten to break out or post-show disgust reveals that the night wasn't exactly perfect.

There are tales of post-pay-per-view disappointment, hot tempers about to boil over between wrestlers who weren't even working together, suspensions for the most minor of things, unofficial WrestleMania parties that barely anybody knew about, backstage meltdowns about creative, rambling voicemails and more here.

Those stories are joined by others on potential mutiny, what actually happens when Raw's cameras go dark and even scary hostage situations that must've left everyone shocked.

What happens after most wrestling matches? Not this...

10. Mick Foley’s Concussed Voicemail

The Undertaker Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon got cold feet about 'Beyond The Mat'.

Barry Blaustein's explosive and exposing documentary was a smash hit in the late-90s, and it remains a fascinating (if rather grim) behind-the-scenes look at some of wrestling's biggest names. It also revealed that Mick Foley was completely out of it following his iconic big bumps back at King Of The Ring 1998.

No surprises there, but WWE definitely don't want anyone to hear the legend slur his way through a mangled post-Hell In A Cell match voicemail to Blaustein. Baz included that message on the doc, and it's a trip to listen to after watching Foley's death-defying performance on the coveted pay-per-view.

McMahon himself begged Mick never to put his life at risk like that ever again, so it's easy to imagine he'd groan if anyone brought up Foley's concussion-laced call to Blaustein. The WWE boss can't have been happy to see that one make the cut.


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