10 Things That Happened BEFORE Wrestling Matches WWE Won't Tell You

9. CM Punk Is (Allegedly) Ordered To Work Through A Concussion

Undertaker Shawn Michaels

CM Punk was depressed in 2013.

Several injuries had piled up from which he was ordered to return quickly under the proviso that Vince McMahon "owed" him one. He returned from knee injury in half the time prescribed by his surgeon, lost to the second of three part-time legends in that same year at WrestleMania, and was brought back too soon once again to inflate a house in Chicago at Payback.

Ryback messed up his ribs in what was Punk's reward for working and losing Brock Lesnar's best return bout at SummerSlam. Shortly afterwards, he complained of concussion symptoms to WWE's medical team. Nauseous, foggy, and depressed, Punk sh*t his trunks in the ring and insisted that something was seriously wrong with him. According to Punk, WWE's staff of doctors expressed their cynicism or apathy and told him to just take some antibiotics.

"Blah blah blah," they said, doing the blathering gesture with their hands.

All of this is alleged, just to make that abundantly clear.

It is alleged, and there's no way of determining the absolute truth - but nobody hasn't heard a WWE doctor say "Hi, everybody!" either.

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