10 Things That Nearly Happened At WWE Survivor Series

Learn what changed so the Big Show could become WWE champion in 1999.

Survivor Series has been one of WWE's big four pay-per-view events since the first one took place back in November 1987. It was the second regular PPV event on WWE's calendar after WrestleMania, with the idea that it would become an annual tradition taking place around the American Thanksgiving holiday. Since WWE used to only have four PPVs per year until 1993, Survivor Series was always treated like a major event because they could book things months in advance and make the show feel unique since the traditional elimination tag team matches only happened at that show. Along the way, WWE changed the format of the show to where it is now where sometimes they don't even care to book elimination tag matches properly. It's a shame, but it's part of the company business model constantly changing and doesn't take away from Survivors' history. There are likely dozens of plans that have been in place for Survivor Series events that were altered over the years because, as we know in the wrestling business, plans can always change at a moment's notice and without warning. Sometimes guys get hurt, sometimes they get suspended and sometimes they're even fired leading up to one of the biggest matches of the year. Survivor Series is certainly not immune to plans changing on a dime, as the following ten instances prove.


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